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Dancing of masquerades near the fountain. Defeated reeds over the water. A heat that, to your back, among the holm oak, light shadows in the frogs’ croak croak

Nuria tesón

During the Winter of 2014 we were assigned by the spanish regional government of Zamora, in the north-western border of the country with Portugal, to portray traditional Winter feasts dating back to the Roma Empire. 

These celebrations are still being held in remote areas of the region. Wolves, witches, spells, devils, a photographer and a writer were involved in a deep documentary process were we settled down a studio in an 110-years-old Stone cottage with a dusty farmyard that use to be used as comedy theater by Rabanales’ inhabitants.

On that stage, villagers would reproduce their fights, dances, songs, yells and poses, meanwhile the feast was being celebrated in nearby villages of Aliste and Tierra del Pan regions, next to Sierra de la Culebra mountains and Sanabria Lake.

The portraits

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