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“Our weapons are old; our ranks, scarce. For every ten of Gadafi’s mercenaries there is a single rebel. Our youth is fighting on the front line while they learn how to shoot . They have the military power but we have a cause. And no army can defeate a cause”.

Libyan rebel

We were the first spanish journalist who entered Lybia after the February 17th uprising. There was a so called revolution against Gadafi regime but the world knew nothing or very little about this huge, rich country and their inhabitants that lived a dictatorship for over 40 years. Who are the rebels and what are they seeking to achieve? was the question on that moment and we wanted to clear it up.

First, we covered the war for El País spanish newspaper but we decided to go back to show the world what we have witnessed and we wanted to let the lybians speak out with no rush. We got back to Tobruk with the studio equiptment and we settled down our working space in the old police station where people use to be tortured by the regime security forces. We brought people from the front line, rebels who were supplying food and medicines through the dangerous dessert roud, women who were supporting and taking care of injuried fighters, nurses.. and so we got the portraits of those who defy Gadafi.

The portraits

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