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signature portraits

Private portrait studio sessions for  CEOs of private companies, authorities, artists, actors, and other personalities.

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slow journalism assingments

Long term documentary projects and reports for magazines. Slow cooked relations where rushes and deadlines are not so important.

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Chasing memories & cultures
We travel with our studio around the world, compiling traditions and memories form older generations and cultures to keep them alive.
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Breaking bagpack productions

We cover breaking news, for Television and press. We set our studio in the middle of the conflict where nobody is.

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Humanitarian cooperation

We work with NGO´s to raise awareness about social injustice, gender violence issues, and humanitarian crisis in Africa, Middle East and South America.

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We share our experiences
We share and spread our personal experiences in talks, conferences and exhibitions for public institutions,  private collectors and companies.
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Some issues are very delicated. When people are struggling for surviving, fleeing from a conflict or/and have become refugees need to be treated with certain sensibility. We are able to sympathize and empathize making people to feel comfortable with the cameras while we keep on working and having the work done. GAZA
Our philosophy is closer to fine art painting portraiture, than modern photography. We are inspired by classic portraiture technics of the 17century . Our influences are inside museums from Spain and Italy and the spirit is more related to the chamber painters like Rubens,Velazquez, Goya artists who were in a special certain golden age, but also in film noir movies.
slow cooking works
Showing reality through a different language, but also working in projects that need more than one month. Just like before. Living and feeling the stories and the places, just to ge it closer and understand much more . EGYPT
On the go-Bacpack productions
Sometimes there are no time for planning because of an emergency situation (war, conflict, humanitarian crisis…) then is when our long experience and photo, video and journalistic skills become a must need to success in any production. We are ready to go anywhere, anytime and keep the same high quality standards to produce the best content in the minimum turnaround. LIBYA